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FORMANI has evolved considerably over the last few decades – from a Dutch family business to an internationally renowned designer brand, from door handles to total design concepts, from product development to collaborations with world-class designers.

FORMANI collaborate with renowned world-class designers, such as Gensler, David RockwellBertram Beerbaum, Tord Boontje, Lázaro Rosa-Violán, and Edward van Vliet. They do not limit themselves to one design movement or style.

From our specialized sampling program for design professionals Discover our design, craftsmanship, and quality through our exclusive sample program, designed exclusively for professionals in the fields of architecture and interior design. If you're considering FORMANI for your projects, please complete the request form below as accurately as possible. Your inquiry will be reviewed to ensure the best possible experience for you. We hope for your understanding that additional information may be requested if needed.

‘Obsessed with details’, epitomizes everything they do, from product to process, from strategy to service. Because it is these details that make the difference between good and perfect. At FORMANI, good is the enemy of great.

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